Professor Caique provides a testimonial for Prof. Tim Sledd of Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ

FR: Tyler Stocke, Cody Craig, Greg Hamilton, Bryan Neal, Justin Roberts, BR:Professor Caique, Mike Dodge, Josh Britt, Dan Wiggins, Tim Sledd

“Tim Sledd is one of the most dedicated students that I have. He is an instructor who pays
attention to the details and to the principles of Jiu Jitsu. I highly
recommend Tim Sledd’s classes to anyone who wants to learn Jiu

-Master Carlos “Caique” Elias

Testimonial provided by Chris McDonald, Caribbean MMA Champion, regarding Prof. Tim Sledd and Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ.

I have done MMA for 3 years now. I started working with Tim Sledd
(Small Axe BJJ) just over a year ago. Tim tightened up all my
techniques (positioning, pressure, submissions) and gave me new ones
to suit my game. Tim’s coaching has now become the most
important part of my training. Whenever I have a fight coming up I
call Tim Sledd. Small Axe BJJ is where it is at!!!”

-Chris McDonald, Caribbean MMA Champion

 “I have been training for 6 years now, and of the myriad instructors I have met and worked with, Tim might be the best, and believe me when I say I have worked with some good people. Tim is certainly an excellent instructor, as well as an veritable badass himself. With an integrative and incremental approach, his teaching style is streamlined and mnemonic, and has done a lot to shape the way I teach my students. He has always been accommodating and flexible, and has always offered his services at a very reasonable price, which might be expected from someone who has made their way as a public defender. So then, why does a man like Tim Sledd need a testimonial? He doesn’t. His life is his witness, and he clearly loves what he does. You will not go wrong with this guy, seriously, contact him for a seminar, or become one of his students, you will be glad you did.”
– Doug Sparks, MMA fighter and BJJ instructor at Hardbodies Gym, Richmond, Indiana

“My favorite thing about Tim Sledd and Small Axe BJJ is probably the way Tim teaches it. He is really great at breaking down moves step by step and highlighting the smallest of details. In addition to highlighting details, he always takes the time to explain why it’s important to pay attention to the mechanics of the move and clearly explains the function the steps serve. Being petite and female makes me especially appreciate this since, if I want to win against all the bigger guys I roll with, I have to be a very technical fighter. Tim’s “Holy Trinity” of strategy, tightness, and timing has given me a game strategy that is excellent for BJJ competition but that also translates seamlessly to MMA.

Another thing I appreciate about Tim as an instructor is that he refuses to take it easy on me as a female student. His standards and expectations are no different and I believe that makes me a stronger fighter.”

-Aubrey Rawlings, BJJ Blue Belt, MMA Fighter