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JiuJitsuJournal.com visits Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ

JiuJitsu Journal – My Small Axe Visit

“Once I got there I instantly felt at home.” Recently our friend David Figueroa-Martinez, Owner/blogger at JiuJitsu Journal stopped by to see Prof. Tim Sledd at Atos Oceanside/Small Axe and discover what all the buzz surrounding this new gym in town was really about. See below for the full article! *To view on a mobile device, please CLICK HERE*

Group picture from the Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ Grand Opening seminar with Andre Galvao

Grand Opening Picture Gallery

Picture Gallery Here are some pictures from our Grand Opening. It was fantastic!!! Professor Andre tore it up with guard passing concepts and strategies! Thanks to all the people who showed up to support the seminar and Open House!!! Also a big thank you to everyone from Atos HQ for coming up and welcoming everyone

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Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ Black Belt Professor Tim Sledd showing his Kimura - Arm Triangle - Sleeve Choke attack series

Systems Building: Attacks

Systems Building: Attacks In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the person who gets the their game going first often wins. The real key is having responses to responses for any given attack. If you have a single option and that option is muted by the defense of your opponent, you are at a stalemate until either you

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Andre Galvao teaching technique for the Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ Grand Opening seminar

Atos Oceanside Grand Opening with Andre Galvao!

Atos Oceanside Grand Opening! On Feb 7, 2014 we celebrate the Grand Opening of the all new Atos Oceanside. We are located right off the 76, just a few minutes from I-5 and Camp Pendleton. Come learn revolutionary, cutting edge BJJ techniques with Prof. Andre Galvao, one the most recognized and respected names in the Jiu-jitsu industry. Black

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Photo Feb 07, 1 38 18 PM

Mental Revelations of the Progressing Grappler Continue

THE NEXT REVELATION: “HE WHO CONTROLS THE SCRAMBLE HAS THE EDGE”     This essay is a follow up on “Mental Revelations of The Progressing Grappler.” I am pleased to announce that the initial list was not exhaustive (though I never purported it to be), and even as I have continued to progress, my eyes are

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Functional Exercises for BJJ

Many people spend hours on the mat, hours watching instructionals, hours in the gym and often they are left looking for an edge. Nothing replaces mat time, but proper conditioning and strength building are components of any athlete’s over all game and often the difference between winning and losing. Of course running and weight lifting

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Dealing with Larger Training Partners

I have been asked several times recently, “How can I deal with a heavier training partner?” This is an important question. One of the underlying principles of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is that a smaller person (who has better technique) can overcome a larger adversary. The key to succeeding against a larger opponent is to employ

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Training Ruts and Dealing with Losses

Small Axe Jiu Jitsu is all about the “positive vibrations!” I try to keep classes light-hearted and make sure that students are encouraged to have fun, recognize their strengths, address their weaknesses, and encourage others. I begin by saying that because the topic of discussion here is kind of a downer BUT if one is

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