BJJ Sweeps Tutorial: Using a Judo Principle to Increase Effectiveness

In my quest to be the best grappler I can be, I began studying Judo to supplement my BJJ. Insodoing, I bought and read Jigoro Kano’s “Kodokan Judo,” and Neil Ohlenkamp’s “Judo Unleashed.” I also enlisted a new BJJ student, Neil Coker (a Judo Black Belt, and national level judoka) to begin coaching me.

What has occured is a continual analysis of how the principles of one art can benefit the other. Nowhere has a principle of Judo benefitted an aspect of BJJ more, for me, than in the realm of SWEEPS!
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Caique Seminar/Promotions

Master Caique came to town October 14th to give a seminar at Indiana University. Members of the Indiana University Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club, Lucas Martial Arts, and Small Axe Jiu Jitsu all converged for instruction by the Master.

Caique taught everything from countering the standing guillotine, passing various guards, to continuing to attack an opponent who is playing tight defense from the bottom cross-side. Great material rich in details to refine.

After the techniques, drilling, and Q&A, Master Caique recognized some promotion from each team. The following were the Small Axe members who received promotions:

Tim Sledd (3-stripe Brown Belt)
Brandon Sieg (4-stripe Blue Belt)
Vince Kreipke (Blue Belt)
Joe Compton (4-stripe White Belt)
Aubrey Rawlings (4-stripe White Belt)
Kelsey Wagoner (3-stripe White Belt)
Adam Hayden (2-stripe White Belt)
Brandon Mcguire(1-stripe White Belt)
Jake Waltz (4-stripe Juvie White)

It is always awesome to have Master Caique in town for a seminar. His techniques and insight are invaluable. I encourage all my students to travel to the Caique Jiu Jitsu main academy in California to see why we learn the way we do and experience the great instruction.

Happy Grapping!