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If you walked into my school on October 30th, knowing a BJJ seminar was planned, but not knowing who was giving the seminar, quickly you would realize this was something special. First you would see several black belts on the mat stretching and getting ready to learn. Next you would see people from California, Kentucky,

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BJJ Sweeps Tutorial: Using a Judo Principle to Increase Effectiveness

In my quest to be the best grappler I can be, I began studying Judo to supplement my BJJ. Insodoing, I bought and read Jigoro Kano’s “Kodokan Judo,” and Neil Ohlenkamp’s “Judo Unleashed.” I also enlisted a new BJJ student, Neil Coker (a Judo Black Belt, and national level judoka) to begin coaching me. What

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Controlling the Hips! Essay and Vids

HIP CONTROL                 It is inevitable that in BJJ you will be told, “Control the hips,” or “It’s all about the hips,” or something along those lines. The advice is sound! What do they mean? This essay is going to try to demonstrate a way to direct your attention to controlling your opponent’s hips. We

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MMA and BJJ… Symbiotic??

Ari Bolden, of www.submissions101.comrecently asked me to comment on my perspective of the relationship between MMA and BJJ. He asked me if MMA will make BJJ obsolete? He also wanted me to address differences between MMA grappling and BJJ. This post will try to address these issues as well as set an argument for the

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Why Jiu Jitsu (A comparison with other grappling arts)

Why BJJ? This is a common question the answer to which depends on the desires of the person asking it. For the purpose of this post the question is being asked by someone interested in devoting his/her time to an effective martial art that has both sport and self-defense (combat) application. It will also be

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