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Mental Revelations of the Progressing Grappler Continue

THE NEXT REVELATION: “HE WHO CONTROLS THE SCRAMBLE HAS THE EDGE”     This essay is a follow up on “Mental Revelations of The Progressing Grappler.” I am pleased to announce that the initial list was not exhaustive (though I never purported it to be), and even as I have continued to progress, my eyes are

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Michigan Open 2009, 3 Champs, 3 Runner Ups, 2 Thirds (Pics and Vids)

On September 26th, 2009, members of Small Axe Jiu Jitsu converged on Northern Detroit to compete in the Michigan Open. We had a competitor that weighed in less than 70 lbs and a couple who cleared the 200 lbs mark with ease. The end result of the day was Small Axe taking home 3 first

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Controlling the Hips! Essay and Vids

HIP CONTROL                 It is inevitable that in BJJ you will be told, “Control the hips,” or “It’s all about the hips,” or something along those lines. The advice is sound! What do they mean? This essay is going to try to demonstrate a way to direct your attention to controlling your opponent’s hips. We

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Holy Trinity of BJJ (Strategy, Tightness, Timing)

SHARP AND READY The Big Tree will not fear the dull axe, nor will it fear the axe that has been tucked away in cabinet. Rather, the axe must be sharp and ready. To be such in jiu-jitsu, one must have four things. First, one must have a mastery of the fundamental positions. Next, one

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Mental Revelations Of the Progressing Grappler

MENTAL REVELATIONS OF THE PROGRESSING GRAPPLER One of the most exciting parts of teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the experience of witnessing students progress in skill and develop in mental acuity. Part of the progression entails improved physical abilities, but the beauty of BJJ is that, because of its intellectual components, one’s physical limitations can

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MMA and BJJ… Symbiotic??

Ari Bolden, of www.submissions101.comrecently asked me to comment on my perspective of the relationship between MMA and BJJ. He asked me if MMA will make BJJ obsolete? He also wanted me to address differences between MMA grappling and BJJ. This post will try to address these issues as well as set an argument for the

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Brazillian Jiu Jitsu white belt, blue belt, purple belt, brown belt, and black belt

A Perspective on BJJ Belts

A Perspective On BJJ Belts I have thought alot about the belts and what they mean when it comes to BJJ. There are many different metaphors and analogies that can be utilized to help one understand that progressing through the ranks is difficult and takes significant time, but to keep perspective on why, I like

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