Seminars/Workshops/Private Lessons

To Schedule a Seminar, Workshop, or Private Lesson, send an e-mail to

What is a Seminar?

When I am hired to conduct a seminar, this is what you can expect. I will structure a series of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques and teach the techniques in a detailed and thorough manner. Each technique builds off the last such that the students are learning a progressive system of movements. I am open to suggestions on what techniques to cover and willing to deviate when the students so request.

What is a “workshop”?

A workshop is different than a seminar. A workshop is a concept driven class where techniques are taught under a lense of analyzing the concept of the class. Of course students might learn a new technique in the process, but the thrust of a workshop is that students learn and apply a principle or concept across a spectrum of positions or techniques. Workshops are very interactive with the instructor. Troubleshooting, drilling, and digesting the concepts are much more one on one than in a seminar. Workshops are great for students who are at the blue, purple, or brown belt levels as they will cause a deeper appreciation for the underlying technique. Examples of past workshops include: “Feel the Pressure,” “Space to Escape,” “Principles of Passing,” “Hip Control Zone,” “From Takedown to Tap.”

What are Private Lessons?

I thoroughly enjoy teaching private and semi private lessons. I approach teaching such lessons on a “need of the student” basis. Some students want fight simulation. Some students want functional training then technique. Some students want lots of technique clean-up and sparring. Some students want to just spar. I am open to the needs of the students. Private lessons are 1.5 hours per student.

PRICING (Subject to changes and modification based upon travel time and expenses):

Seminars and Workshops: Travel expenses and Lodging, Minimum of $400, and Maximum charge to participants of $25 per student per event.

Private Lessons: Per Student/Per Class = $70, 3 class package = $195, 5 class package = $300.