Mental Revelations of the Progressing Grappler Continue

THE NEXT REVELATION: “HE WHO CONTROLS THE SCRAMBLE HAS THE EDGE”     This essay is a follow up on “Mental Revelations of The Progressing Grappler.” I am pleased to announce that the initial list was not exhaustive (though I never purported it to be), and even as I have continued to progress, my eyes are

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February Andre Galvao Seminar Review

Seminar and Promotion Ceremony   Andre Galvao travelled to south central Indiana to lead his second seminar at Small Axe Jiu Jitsu, but his first seminar at the school as its affiliate leader. Eager jiu jitsu practitioners of all levels gathered early to see what techniques would be taught.    Many in attendance were veterans

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GALVAOBJJ/ATOS LEADER ANDRE GALVAO IS COMING!!!!!! DATE: 2/26/11 TIME: 1-4 LOCATION: SMALL AXE JIU JITSU DETAILS: Multiple time World Champion, Andre Galvao will visit is First American Affiliate on February 26th, to lead a seminar and offer promotions to the Small Axe/Atos students present. Questions? E-mail: for answers.   Tim

Brandon Sieg Grappling Resume

Grappling History: Promotions Blue belt         1998 by Caique (with Gracie TA), Bedford seminar 1st stripe blue        2-26-06 by Caique, IU seminar 2nd stripe blue        9-23-07 by Caique, IU seminar 3rd stripe blue        2-23-08 by Caique, GMA seminar 4th stripe blue        10-24-09 by Caique, IU seminar Purple belt        11-13-10

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