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Mental Revelations of the Progressing Grappler Continue



    This essay is a follow up on “Mental Revelations of The Progressing Grappler.” I am pleased to announce that the initial list was not exhaustive (though I never purported it to be), and even as I have continued to progress, my eyes are continually being opened to new features and aspects of grappling. My prayer is that you are exposed to this revelation at an earlier stage in your training than I was and therefore are able to tailor your training to make your grappling as sharp as it can be.

Nature and Existence of “Scrambles”:

A scramble is a period of time within a match/roll where movement is opened up, neither participant has full control, and the apparent pace of the match quickens noticeably.   Continue reading

“Feel The Pressure” Workshop a Huge Success in South Dakota

1/28/12, Tim Sledd ventured to Rapid City, South Dakota to teach the “Feel the Pressure” workshop. Blessings abounded as several students partook in a semi-private lesson, followed by an open roll of the advanced students. The workshop was packed and the concepts of the workshop were explored and enjoyed by all who attended. Pics to come on the Small Axe Facebook Page.

February Andre Galvao Seminar Review

Seminar and Promotion Ceremony

  Andre Galvao travelled to south central Indiana to lead his second seminar at Small Axe Jiu Jitsu, but his first seminar at the school as its affiliate leader. Eager jiu jitsu practitioners of all levels gathered early to see what techniques would be taught.

   Many in attendance were veterans of Professor Galvao seminars and so expectations were high. Professor Galvao began the seminar with a welcome to all who attended and explanation of his philosophy of always seeking the submission and working to advance to the most dominate position and not just ride an advantage to victory. After his brief intro, he led a thorough warm up focusing on loosening and stretching all the joints of the body. Then the seminar began.

The focus of the seminar was on attacking the back. I had asked Professor Galvao a question in the car shortly after picking him up from the airport and he told me the seminar would answer my question. IT DID. Look at what we did:

1. Attacking Turtle-ing Opponent (Proper position, arm placement, hip placement, elbow blocked)

2. Methods of impeding the “turn in” by a simple elbow push.

3. Drilled sensitivity and movement when and if bottom guy turns in.

4. We learned how to take the back when the opponent turns into us.

5. Rear Naked Choke details

6. Breaking a defensive Grip that is preventing RNC.

7. Sliding Collar Choke, Galvao Style! Critical details that make the choke faster, tighter and harder to defend.

8. Transitioning when guy escapes over your bottom hook.

9. “Digital Clock Choke”… analog is out of date!!!

10. Transitioning to Digital Clock Choke from the on-side back position (kicking leg away).

   After the technique portion, Professor Galvao fielded questions from the students. Every question was answered to the student’s satisfaction.

Throughout the seminar, I mingled around, trained, and talked to the participants. More than one came up to me and told me that one technique or another was worth the whole price of the seminar. I heard students say, “that is a game changer” and others praise little details by saying, “why didn’t I learn this years ago?”

   After all the rolling, teaching, and training was done, several of the Small Axe/Team Atos students were awarded stripes on their belts and several of the youth students moved up into new belts. A new tradition for the Small Axe students was implemented and each new belt came with a throw from Professor Galvao and Instructor Tim Sledd.

   Small Axe Jiu Jitsu was happy to host grapplers from many different regional academies and is grateful to Professor Galvao for his open mindedness and leadership.


Andre Galvao and Tim Sledd

Andre Galvao and Tim Sledd




DATE: 2/26/11

TIME: 1-4


DETAILS: Multiple time World Champion, Andre Galvao will visit is First American Affiliate on February 26th, to lead a seminar and offer promotions to the Small Axe/Atos students present.

Questions? E-mail: smallaxebjj@gmail.com for answers.



America’s First Galvaobjj/Team Atos Affiliate!

2011 holds great things in store for Small Axe Jiu Jitsu! It is official! We are the first American Galvaobjj/Team Atos Affiliate!

It is my distinct honor to report that Andre Galvao and Tim Sledd agreed that Small Axe Jiu Jitsu would be a great affiliate for Professor Galvao! We look forward to more great instruction from Professor Galvao and will strive to help spread the Atos message!

Brandon Sieg Grappling Resume

Grappling History:


Blue belt         1998 by Caique (with Gracie TA), Bedford seminar
1st stripe blue        2-26-06 by Caique, IU seminar
2nd stripe blue        9-23-07 by Caique, IU seminar
3rd stripe blue        2-23-08 by Caique, GMA seminar
4th stripe blue        10-24-09 by Caique, IU seminar

Purple belt        11-13-10 by Caique, IU seminar

Competition Experience

10-20-07         Extreme Grappling Open, Indy:  Master Blue light-hvy    3rd gi 

12-1-07           Michigan Open:  Master Blue light-hvy            DNP   

6-13-09    Hoosier Open:  Master Blue light-hvy            1st        

9-26-09    Michigan Open Master Blue middleweight     2nd    

10-2-10    Michigan Open Master Blue Middleweight    2nd