Level Two Jiu Jitsu

Level Two Jiu Jitsu

Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ Level Two Jiu Jitsu Professor Tim Sledd performing an arm bar in a jiu jitsu competition.

Level Two (Adult white belts and 12-18 invitees, all upper ranks): technique, drilling, and sparring. Given the Level Two participants have been exposed to the core movements and techniques in Level One, Level Two moves faster. The technical instruction portion is more geared to linking techniques in a strategy. Drills are used to sharpen the techniques and sparring (specific position, and open rolling).

Level Two Jiu Jitsu is where one meets full resistance and gets to test his/her technique. Level Two is physically and mentally challenging, all while offering huge returns on investment. Whether you are a competitor, competitive, or just want to take your Jiu Jitsu to the highest level, this program will help you achieve those ends. Oceanside, California’s best BJJ class for serious grapplers.

Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ Professor Tim Sledd winning a match at a jiu jitsu competition.

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    Sir, how much is tuition/mat fees at Small Axe BJJ? v/r, KT Conlon.

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