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Oceanside Kids Martial Arts

Smiling kids after jiu jitsu training at Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ with black belt Prof. Tim Sledd

Youth Jiu Jitsu classes at Small Axe are the perfect introduction to the exciting world of martial arts and self defense for kids!

Our incredible black belt instructor, Prof. Tim Sledd, is a true pro at teaching martial arts classes for kids. We provide a safe setting and high-energy environment where kids can feel free to let loose and have fun! As we teach your child all the exciting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves that kids love, we’ll be helping to build your child’s character with centuries-old martial arts values of honesty, integrity and respect.

What’s more, your child will learn critical anti-bully self-defense skills that every child needs in today’s world. From learning how to deal with thugs and how to brush off peer pressure, to understanding how to act in tough situations, we’ll give your child great self-defense skills and the courage to use them whenever necessary.


Small Axe BJJ in Oceanside is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school of choice for parents from all over the area. Parents love how Youth Jiu Jitsu classes offer dozens of benefits for their kids. You will, too! Here’s just a glimpse of what the Youth Jiu Jitsu classes at Small Axe have to offer your child:

  • A great way to get your child passionate about physical fitness
  • Our exercises promote good posture
  • Better listening skills that lead to great grades in school
  • Improved attention span and ability to concentrate
  • A place to let off some of their endless energy
  • Your child’s self-respect and self-confidence will skyrocket
  • We’ll teach your child stranger awareness and personal safety
  • Bully-proofing
  • Meet new friends in a positive environment

The Youth Jiu Jitsu classes are a great way to give your child an edge over peers and in life! Our classes will help your child develop important leadership skills and character-building traits that kids just can’t get anywhere else. From showing kids the importance of setting goals and inspiring them to reach for the stars, to rewarding their successes with tons of positive reinforcement, we bring out the inner champion in every child we teach!


Kids having fun with Black Belt Prof. Tim Sledd after Jiu Jitsu  training at Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ

Great news! We’ve just announced 2 new classes per week that begin this month. To find out more about our Mat Monsters and Youth Jiu Jitsu program, just give us a call! When you do, we’ll give you all the details and we’ll provide you with everything you need to get your child started with Small Axe!

Kids Martial Arts Program Age Groups

  • From Age 4 To 7 (Mat Monsters)
  • From Age 7 To 12 (Youth Jiu Jitsu)
  • From Age 12-18 (Level One Jiu Jitsu)

Mat Monsters (Under 7 YEAR OLDS): We will explore basic body movements and mat awareness. Exercises adopted from Gymnastica Natural are used to offer exercise and basic wrestling concepts are introduced. Positional flow drills are used to get the mat monsters rolling, but no submissions are employed.

Students in the Mat Monster’s Program are taught in a safe and positive environment. There is an emphasis on character development, citizenship, respect, and manners. This highly energized program will have the students working, playing, and learning without even realizing it!!!

Black Belt Prof. Tim Sledd with his Mat Monsters, Youth Jiu Jitsu, and Level One Jiu Jitsu students at Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ

Youth (7-12 YEARS OLD): Brazilian Jiu Jitsu concepts are explored, position, transitions and submissions are introduced. Takedowns, grip fighting, and flow drills are employed. Only controlled submissions are trained. Heavy emphasis on discipline, strategy, tightness an timing.

Youth Jiu Jitsu will make the students stronger, more agile and flexible, and reach levels of mental toughness you never imagined. All this happens while they are having fun and making life long friends. Small Axe Jiu Jitsu is a great place for youth jiu jitsu in Oceanside, California.

Atos Oceanside - Small Axe BJJ Youth Jiu Jitsu students winning medals at a local BJJ tournament.

Level One Jiu Jitsu (12-18 YEARS OLD, white belts, open to all others): Level One is the primer class. Streamlined to give an introduction to the blue belt requirements and ensure street safety, the curriculum is geared around self defense and basic sport BJJ strategies. 12-18 year olds are required to attend this even if they have received a Level 2 invitation. Adult White Belts are required to attend this until they have completed a full cycle AND received Level 2 invitation. All students (regardless of rank) are encouraged to attend Level One.

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